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Cross Stitch Patterns

Our counted cross stitch and needlepoint patterns  are created by a professional artist using specialized computer aided design tools employing  multiple layers  to fashion  professional  designs  with  the best  possible  results. These patterns are created using a technique which is described as the ‘Neo-impressionist’, 'Pointillist' or ‘Divisionist’ style of art in many layers.

Pointillism is a technique of painting elaborated from impressionism, in which small, distinct dots of pure colour are applied in patterns such that from a few feet away they fuse in the viewer's eye into appropriate intermediate tones to form an image.  Georges Seurat and Paul Signac developed the technique in 1886, branching from Impressionism. The term Pointillism was first coined by art critics in the late 1880s to ridicule the works of these artists, and is now used without its earlier mocking connotation. Neo-impressionism and Divisionism are also terms used to describe this technique of painting called pointillism.

In order for the finished stitched pieces to look realistic, like an original painting or photo from which it was inspired, these patterns use a larger number of floss colours providing subtle colour changes which result in this realistic look. All effort has been taken to minimize the number of floss colours without degradation of the look.

Detail is the absolute word for these patterns!

With your purchase, you will receive a CD containing the following:

  • Photograph of the virtual image of the stitched pattern (.jpg format)
  • Black and White Symbols Pattern Chart on multiple pages  (.pdf format) (See Figure 1)
  • Colour with Symbols Pattern Chart on multiple pages  (.pdf format) (See Figure 2)
  • Complete Instructions  (.pdf and .docx formats)  (See Figure 3)
  • DMC Symbol/Colour Legend Key with Floss Usage Summaries  (.pdf format). If you need conversion to other floss manufacturers, please contact the seller PRIOR to buying!  (See Figure 4)

Figure 1.  Example of Stitching Chart in Black and White Symbols

Example of b&w Cross Stitch Pattern Chart

Figure 2.  Example of Stitching Chart in Colour Symbols

Example of colour Cross Stitch Pattern chart

The stitching charts are set at 8 squares per inch



This pattern may be used for any size fabric and the most common fabrics are listed in the instructions. Here are some examples:

Figure 3.  Example of some information found in the Pattern Instructions

Example of colour Cross Stitch Pattern chart

Figure 4. Example of DMC Floss Legend with Floss Usage Summaries

example of Cross Stitch Pattern legend