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Dinair® Airbrush Makeup Kit



Included In Your Kit is All Of The Following:

  • 1 Dinair® Improved Pro Deluxe Mini Compressor  - Extra Power - All Speed - Fully Electronic - Spa Quiet
  • 1 Power Supply International Ready 100 - 240 VAC Max 50/60 Hz (Australian, Euro, Japanese, and UK adaptor plugs are available)
  • 1 Dinair® Personal Pro Beauty Airbrush 400 JX - Continuous Flow
  • 1 6ft. Dinair® Airbrush Airhose
  • 3 Travel caps, 1 AIRTAN™ cap, and 1 Docking Band
  • 1 Airbrush Case

  • 4 Dinair® Airbrush Foundation Shades .25oz. each (FAIR, MEDIUM, TAN, DARK)
  • 4 Dinair® Airbrush Bonus Shades selected based on foundation shade range .25oz. each
  • 1 Dinair® Moist & Dewey Mosturizer .25oz.
  • 1 Corrective Concealer Sample .3ml
  • 1 AIRTAN™ Airbrush Sunless Facial Tanner .50 oz.
  • 1 Dinair® Spraybrush Cleaner 4 oz.
  • 1 Eyebrow and Contour Stencil Set

  • Easy To Learn Instructional DVD
  • 1 Distance Guide
  • Practice Face Charts, Sheets, and Makeup
  • Dinair® Quick Start Guide
  • Stencil Catalog and Color Chart

Travel Caps, AIRTAN™ Cap,  & Cleaning Band

6' Airbrush Hose

Power Supply 

100 - 240 VAC 

Max 50/60 Hz

Beauty Airbrush 400 JX

Continuous Flow

Airbrush Case

4 Airbrush Foundation Shades  .25 oz. each


Moist & Dewy Moisturizer 3ml

Spraybrush Cleaner 4 oz.


4 Airbrush Bonus Shades .25 oz each

Corrective Concealer Sample 3 ml

AIRTAN™ Airbrush Sunless Facial Tanner .50 oz.

Designer Stencils - EyeBrow & Contour Stencils

Distance Guide

Quick Start Guide

Practice Makeup

Practice Sheets

Stencil Catalog & Colour Chart

Easy To Learn DVD

Foreign Adaptor Plugs are available

Why Is Dinair® Better?

Water resistant, silicone free, and paraben free, Dinair®'s foundation formula is  not tested on animals!  Just a small amount of Dinair®'s specially formulated makeup sprays a super-fine mist onto your face giving the sheer to opaque coverage you desire for a flawless, lightweight, natural, and undetectable coverage result that will last all day with no need for touch ups! Yes, you can get the look of the stars also!

Say Hello To High-Def Close Ups

Celebrities and fashion models use Dinair® makeup because in any light it gives the look of smooth, naturally even skin! 

Dinair® Airbrushing Has You Covered

Even if you have red spots, brown spots, any spot, or blemish, even dark circles under your eyes, you will look bright, awake and alive at any time of day!

Flawless Makeup In Record Time

In just 2 or 3 tries, or 2-3 days of practice, most people are able to apply the foundation, even if they don't follow the DVD.  It is getting comfortable with applying the foundation that will open the way to beautiful blush, eyes shadows, and much, much more!

All Day Coverage For Everyday Wear

Specially formulated to feel light, be water and rub resistant, Dinair®'s air applied makeup lasts all day.  Applying to fresh clean skin, free of oils and other moisturizers gives the best results.  Before applying Dinair® makeup, allow Dinair®  specially formulated sun block to set. On our websites, we also carry Dinair® skin care and moisturizers that help Dinair®'s makeup last longer.

Say Good-bye To Bacteria and Waste

Tired of tissues, cotton balls, sponges or brushes that hold a ton of bacteria? No more with Dinair®!  Without wasting a single drop, you are able to spray on a thin layer of makeup. And what about clean up? It is just as easy for both face and airbrush; soap and water will do the trick!

Dinair® Lifetime Support

With Lifetime phone support and  Dinair®'s FREE DVD, we are here to help you discover airbrushing. It is makeup you will love to use because it is fun and it is easy!

You Can Buy with Confidence from

An Authorized Dinair® Distributor

and Certified Airbrush Makeup Artist!