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Dinair® Liner, Lashes & Brows


Using a soft airflow setting, it is faster and gentler to point a tip of air than the tip of a pencil.

A gentle and directed air flow can guide the color into a diffused, smokey look or a sharp, crisp line. The liner is specially formulated for the eye area, and is completely harmless if accidentally sprayed into the eyes.

At Dinair®, you can airbrush your lashes too! In fact, you can color and separate your lashes in one, simple step.

Using Dinair®‘s Airshadow and Airlash Shield, gently mist your favorite color onto your lashes, and let the air stream do the rest! It is effortless, fast, and looks surprisingly natural!

Say goodbye to uneven, unsightly brows! With the innovative Dinair® eyebrow stencils, you can easily achieve striking edges to fill and shape the perfect brow.

Create dramatic eyebrow silhouettes, or simply add a few hairs where needed. The Dinair® eyebrow stencils give you unlimited possibilities in seconds.