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       Walt Disney Collectors Society  (1993 - 2009)

In January 1993, the Walt Disney Company introduced the Walt Disney Collectors Society. The Society was designed to add further excitement to collecting the Walt Disney Classics Collection sculptures.

Membership into the Society provides the following member benefits:

  • A special gift sculpture with membership.
  • Redemption certificates mailed to all active Walt Disney Collector Society (WDCS) members for member-exclusive sculptures.
  • Subscription to Sketches, the quarterly magazine exclusively for Society members.
  • Newsflash, a quarterly newsletter with up-to-the minute news and information.
  • Annual Catalog and Quarterly Supplements.
  • Advanced notice of releases and invitations to special events.
  • Cloisonne Membership pin and personalized Membership Card.

The Walt Disney Collectors Society was suspended on December 31, 2009.  

Jiminy Cricket from the film Pinocchio was selected as the subject of the first Collectors Society Membership Gift.  There were two versions of this sculpture as the artists decided that by tilting the head to one side would give him a more animated look.  Below are more details on this first edition Membership Gift.  You may also see all the other Membership Gift photos on this page.  


Character: Jiminy Cricket

Title: Cricket's The Name, Jiminy Cricket

Size: 4"

Item Number: 11K-41035-0

Sculptor: Kent Melton


  • Backstamp: A special backstamp incorporates the WDCC Society logo and Charter designation.

Production Changes:

  • Head Position: Original-Head straight. Corrected-Head tilted to one side to look more animated.


  • Jiminy Cricket was the Charter Member Gift Sculpture for those collectors who joined the Walt Disney Collectors Society in 1993.

Winnie the Pooh-Pooh 

(1996 Membership Gift) 

Time for Something Sweet

Lady and The Tramp-Lady 

(1999 Membership Gift)

A Perfectly Beautiful Little Lady  

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-Snow White (2002 Membership Gift) 

Won't You Smile For Me? 

Beauty and the Beast-Belle 

(2005 Membership Gift)

Bookish Beauty  

Good Scouts-Donald Duck 

(2008 Membership Gift)

Happy Camper

Magician Mickey-Mickey Mouse 

(1997 Membership Gift)

On With The Show

Thru The Mirror-Mickey Mouse 

(2000 Membership Gift) 

On Top of the World

Pinocchio-Jiminy Cricket 

(2003 Membership Gift)

I Made Myself at Home  

The Little Mermaid-Ariel 

(2006 Membership Gift) 

Seaside Serenade

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-Dopey

 (2009 Membership Gift) 

Gleeful Grin


Alice in Wonderland-Cheshire Cat  (1994 Membership Gift) 

Twas Brillig

Dumbo - Dumbo 

(1995 Membership Gift) 

Simply Adorable

The Lion King-Timon 

(1998 Membership Gift) 


Peter Pan-Tinker Bell 

(2001 Membership Gift)

Little Charmer  


(2004 Membership Gift) 

The Young Prince 


(2007 Membership Gift)

Wistful Dreamer  

Special Backstamp on the First Membership Gift