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Wilde Imagination Dolls

Headquartered in Kingston, NY, Wilde Imagination develops and markets exquisite dolls and collectibles including the chronically bored Ellowyne Wilde® line of dolls, fashions, and accessories, their Victorian-goth inspired doll Evangeline Ghastly® and her beautiful fashions and accessories, Patience - the bright-eyed girl with a Wilde Imagination, Sad Sally - the sullen but adorable resin ball jointed button thief, and our tiny 4" resin ball jointed doll ~ Amelia Thimble - who comes to you straight from the sewing kit with fashions, accessories, and perfectly scaled furniture. Their exquisite products are sold directly to collectors through their websites, as well as their beautifully designed catalogs. They are also available on the second hand market.  

Since 2006, their products have shipped to collectors in all 50 States and to over 67 countries around the world and continue to inspire and delight.